About The Jet

The Team begin its collaboration for The Jet Saga back in 2019.  Back then the goal was to release an issue every 3 months if possible.  With the beginning of a new year our goals have shifted to releasing content more frequently and getting the comic out there to more people.  Scroll down to get to know the squad!


 Row K. Sky is a promoter of the word chill and the creator of the Jet SagaStories have always been a huge part of his life.

When he is not telling his own stories he can be found reading an engaging book, catching up on Marvel and DC, watching anime or listening to an enlightening podcast.



 Outside of his work as an illustrator, Reinaldo Lay enjoys a profession as an architect.  Reinaldo loves sports, pop culture, playing his guitar and skateboarding

Since 2012 Reinaldo has been working in the comic industry, which is a passion that stretches back to his childhood.


  Erick Lay started coloring for comics back in 2019. Like his brother, he is an illustrator and a colorist.  Erick is a big fan of video games and music!